Visual Effects Society Inducts Richard Winn Taylor II As A Fellow For His Contributions To The Art

VES has inducted Richard Winn Taylor II as the newest Fellow to the Society based on his contributions to the art and science of visual effects. VES Fellows are honored for making exceptional achievements and sustained contributions to the art, science or business of visual effects and maintaining outstanding reputations. No more than ten Fellows are created in any given year. The inaugural Fellows are Dennis Muren, Doug Trumbull and Jonathan Erland, and an additional seven Fellows were added in 2012 who include Ed Catmull, Richard Edlund, Ray Feeney, Carl Rosendahl, Mark Stetson, Bill Taylor and Phil Tippett.

Jeffrey A. Okun, Chair of the Visual Effects Society, comments, “Fellows represents the pinnacle achievement possible by Visual Effects Artists and Scientists. To be recognized by the VES as a Fellow is not just an honor but a recognition of the scope and impact they have made on the entertainment industry and storytelling. Richard Winn Taylor II has demonstrated not only a mastery of art and imagery, but also provided the leadership and inspiration that make the visual effects and the world of entertainment in general, a brighter and more compelling and imaginative place to work. He has changed lives due to what he has brought to life, created or imagined and then realized.  He's contributed to the industry in a significant manner and we are proud to award him this prestigious honor.”

The VES Fellows steering committee employs the following criteria in evaluating the candidates:

Leadership/Management: Exemplary leadership, administration and management of people, projects, policies and programs that have significantly advanced the practice and the pursuit of excellence of visual effects.

Service: Activities sustained over an extended period of time that have significantly advanced the profession and promoted visual effects in the eyes of the public, and that serve as examples for other local, regional, national or international efforts.

Works: Mastery of design in significant works that have advanced the art, stewardship and social responsibility of visual effects.

Knowledge: The creation of significant new knowledge that advances the pursuit of excellence and the profession of visual effects, or the communication of knowledge to others with exceptional effect.

Click here for Mr. Taylor's bio.
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