Our Story

RGH is a global transmedia company specializing in animated feature films, television, games, education, and location-based themed entertainment.

In an age of countless mediums blasting a myriad of overwhelming messages through the world’s society, the intended vision is to create quality entertainment that captivates the human mind.

Today’s media seek to seduce its audience through shock tactics and sensory gluttony with no attention to the story or meaning imparted to a desperately captive congregation, just waiting to be impressed. The time of immersive storytelling and compelling characters is far spent, leaving the masses wanting and waiting for experiences that will ignite their imagination and awaken the desire to change the world around them in ways no one else can.

Created to reverse the effects of mindless media, RGH seeks to enlighten the human spirit and set alight the imagination of all that seek captivating entertainment. As part of this great movement, RGH combines the experience and the talent of industry veterans with sweeping imagination of the next generation of thinkers to create captivating experiences that will make us laugh, make us think, and will set the new standard for entertainment worldwide.

RGH has a team of over 400 employees in three locations: Amman (Jordan), Los Angeles (United States) and Dubai (United Arab Emirates). Together, RGH’s world-class team collaborates to provide a unique perspective into the realization of compelling digital content and immersive entertainment.

Combining award-winning creative and cutting-edge technology, RGH has an established reputation for innovation in five distinct business segments: Entertainment, Themed Entertainment, Digital Media, Licensing & Merchandising, and Technology.

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