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Postman Pat (Stephen Magan), a humble and beloved mail carrier, lives an idyllic life in the quaint British countryside town of Greendale with his wife Sarah (Susan Duerden) and his young son Julian.  When an efficiency expert named Edwin Carbunkle (Peter Woodward) hatches a plot to overtake the Special Delivery Services (SDS), Pat’s plans to bring his wife on a “proper honeymoon” to Italy topple.  Elimination of the CEO (Jim Broadbent) and replacement of all postal workers with robots
Special Event at Digital Hollywood
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are the heart of Carbunkle’s evil scheme. After viewing an episode of You’re The One, a TV talent contest, Pat throws his hat in the ring and competes for the grand prize, which includes a recording contract and, as fate would have it, a trip to Italy.  Pt not only sings beautifully, but emerges as finalist and competes against young Josh (Rupert Grint) at the big finale in London.  Along the way, Pat falls prey to the trapping of fame and fortune and becomes an unwitting pawn in Carbunkle’s little game. Josh’s manager Wilf (David Tennant), myopically focused on securing the recording deal for his client at any cost, stumbles upon the robotic postal scheme and plans to use it against Pat, thereby snagging the win for Josh.  Meanwhile, Pat’s sudden thrust into the spotlight threatens to cost him the very thing that he holds dearest: his family, friends and job.
Marlene Sharp began her work with RGH Entertainment in early 2010. During her time with the company, she has contributed to Postman Pat: the Movie, High in the Clouds, A Very Pink Christmas, the Sesame Street Road Safari PSA campaign, and more. Prior to RGH, Marlene was the 'berry' in Two Twigs and a Berry Productions, LLC, at which she collaborated with domestic and overseas media clients, such as Gartner, KOCCA, KOTRA, Entertainment Asia Network, Better Communications, CISTech, and MJ Productions. In the kids and family entertainment business, she has varied experience in both animated and live action properties, such as Power Rangers, Heavy Gear, Digimon, Bubble Guppies, Higglytown Heroes, Z-Squad, Da Jammies, and her own original web series Priscilla. In her spare time, Marlene often exercises her journalism muscle as a print and video contributor for, The New Orleans Advocate, and The Baton Rouge Advocate. Marlene has a Master of Fine Arts degree in Musical Theatre from San Diego State University, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Drama/Communications from Loyola University of New Orleans.
Shira Harrison has crafted a top notch IT division at RGH Los Angeles. As Director of IT she draws on over 15 years of experience and knowledge. Her focus on the Entertainment Industry brings perspective on our future as we learn from the past. By spearheading long term initiatives she ensures that RGH is ready to meet each new phase of growth and advancement. Her quick responses and broad knowledge of IT infrastructure and software enable RGH to deliver high quality projects for our worldwide clients. Her leadership on design and technology were integral to creating a world class studio environment with the ability to deliver on a global scale.
Ilyssa Goodman is a proven leader who has increased the corporate value of some of the largest entertainment brands in the world, including Disney, FOX, ABC Family Channel, Discovery Networks, Warner Bros., Paramount Pictures, Netflix and Amazon among others. With more than a decade of entertainment industry experience, Ilyssa draws upon a unique dual perspective having served as both senior management for studios, broadcasters and distributors as well as performing as an independent producers rep, brokering numerous worldwide distribution deals on behalf of filmmakers. Having started her career working in distribution for Miramax Films in NY, Ilyssa moved to Los Angeles for a post at Universal Studios and eventually became Vice President of Filmed Entertainment for Bonneville Worldwide Entertainment (BWE). After helping orchestrate the sale of the Bonneville library to Freemantle Media, Ilyssa went on to independently produce and market original content for Warner Bros. FOX, Universal Home Entertainment, ABC Family Channel, E! and Animal Planet. In new media, Ilyssa has worked with Hulu, YouTube, Netflix, iTunes and Skype. Ilyssa joined RGH Entertainment in 2012 to spearhead a global distribution strategy that includes theatrical and broadcast distribution models while leveraging all new and emerging digital distribution channels to fully maximize content value.
Ayano Ichida joined RGH in June of 2011 as General Counsel and Head of Business and Legal Affairs. Ayano oversees all aspects of RGH’s business and legal affairs, including managing the company’s legal department and its IP portfolio. Prior to joining RGH, Ayano was in-house counsel for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios where she negotiated development, co-production and distribution deals for MGM’s Worldwide Television and Digital Media Group. Ayano received her J.D. from the University of Southern California (USC), and her B.A. in Art History from Barnard College of Columbia University in New York. Ayano is admitted to practice in the State of California.
Nicole Dubuc (TBI): As a child actress for eleven years, Nicole Dubuc got her start in the entertainment industry on the other side of the camera.  After graduating from Yale University as a pre-med with a degree in English, she returned to California to become an apprentice staff writer on Disney’s girl-power hit, Kim Possible. Since then, Nicole has written over 150 produced scripts for a wide variety of formats, including musical, comics, live-action, feature, television, and even an interactive cruise ship activity.  (No, they didn’t give her free cruise tickets)  Spanning many genres, some of her credits include DC/WB’s Young Justice, Disney’s My Friends Tigger & Pooh, Hasbro’s Transformers: Prime, and Marvel’s Super Hero Squad Show. Nicole co-developed Transformers: Rescue Bots for television and is a six-time Emmy nominee. While continuing her work as an actress (recently on Young Justice and Transformers: Rescue Bots), Nicole has just wrapped story editing a new CG space adventure show for Disney, Miles From Tomorrowland, and is returning to Hasbro as a supervising producer.  But never fear.  Despite her daily dealings with cartoon super-villains, Nicole plans to use her powers for good, not evil.
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