VT Electricity

VT Electricity is an interactive training system that teaches the user practical house electrical wiring in a safe environment.

The system also provides the user with the desired experience and real-time assessment through its step-by-step virtual mentoring feature.

VT Car Mechanics

VT Car Mechanics is an interactive training system that teaches car mechanics maintenance (engine in particular) in a 3D environment; which facilitates the inspection and maintenance mission for the user.

The system provides an intuitive learning experience where the user can interact with the engine parts and learn how to fix the defects once occurred by monitoring the visual feedback.

VT Fire Fighting

VT firefighting is an interactive fire simulation system, which trains users on the best evacuation procedures and the best strategies for controlling the fire.

At the end of the session, the system provides the user with full assessment of his performance and the generated material losses.

VT Oil & Gas

VT Oil & Gas is an interactive simulation system tackling Oil and Gas refinery site situations, like the MPT (Magnetic Particle Test).

Through this system, the user is trained on the process of detecting cracks in the distillation towers.

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